My Seven New Stories Published In 2011


The following are the new stories I published this year. “Mortal Bait” is a novelette (over 8K words). The rest are short stories (under 7.5K words).

‘Were’ actors are sturdy troupers giving their all every night. But under the full moon they’re ‘special’!

“A Song to the Moon”
Bewere the Night (Sedia ed.) Prime (April 2011)

A Private Eye in 1950 New York caught in a war between loneliness and love, Fey and Elves.

“Mortal Bait”
Supernatural Noir  (Datlow ed.) Dark Horse Books (June 2011)

A less than perfect knight of the Round Table shares his thoughts.

“Sir Morgravain Speaks of Night Dragons and Other Things”
Fantasy & Science Fiction (July/August 2011)


An actor born into the wrong time plays a cop in a movie set in old noir New York.

“On the Slide”
Naked City 2011 (Datlow ed.) St Martin’s Press (July 2011)

The daughters of Winter & Summer and Fate & Folly in the Twilight of the Gods

“The Progress of Solstice and Chance”
Realms of Fantasy (August 2011)                                     

Everything old is new again! And Vampires are IT in trend conscious Manhattan right This Minute!

 “Blood Yesterday, Blood Tomorrow”
Blood and Other Cravings: (Datlow ed.) Tor (September 2011)

The best is saved for last. An aging gay writer searches for a Destruction of Manhattan story!
  (Icarus Magazine from Lethe Press is too fine and too rare to pass up)

“Hoffmann, Godzilla and Me
Icarus: Lethe Press (October 2011)

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