My Nebula Story Favorites

In 2011 I published eight pieces of short fiction.  I love them all. But a couple stand out in my award preferences.  Read them here and see if you agree (or not).

For Short Story my favorite is my contribution to Ellen Datlow’s Blood and Other Cravings  anthology  (Tor)

“BLOOD YESTERDAY, BLOOD TOMORROW” – a story of Flea Markets, Night Walkers and long delayed revenge.

For Novelette I prefer my contribution to another Datlow anthology Supernatural Noir (Dark Horse)

“MORTAL BAIT” set in 1950 is the story of a private eye in Greenwich Village caught up in an affair with a Fey  seductress and caught the middle of the Elf/Fey wars.

                                      Voting Deadline is 2/15/2012

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