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A great interview: Kelly Cogswell at GayCityNews lets me talk about my recent books and adds some stuff I’d never really thought about:

A Fine Bibliography:

Especially for my short fiction. Mistakes are made (never seen a perfect bibliography) and I’ll try to change them. But 95% of this is ok. I’ve refreshed my own memory with it a few times.


Minions of the Moon

 (Tor 1999)

Minions of the Moon is a mosaic novel made of up of ten stories, including “On Death and the Deuce” reprinted below.   The narrator, Kevin Grierson, has a “Silent Partner,” a doppelganger who sometimes goes under the name Fred. Grierson is a gay man who has made a life for himself in New York City. We learn about his childhood in Boston, about his drug and alcohol addictions, his career in street hustling and crime. The Silent Partner encouraged him in all that.  Grierson finds a counselor, Leo Dunn, who helps him kick his addictions and keep Fred at a distance. In the end Grierson has begun to reconcile the disparate parts of his life.

A “Grierson” story was published in the Full Spectrum Five anthology and another was in Algis Budry’s Tomorrow. Eight of the stories appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction from 1992-1998. One, “Streetcar Dreams” won the World Fantasy Award in 1998, the first award for which I was ever nominated.  The novel itself was on the International Horror Guild short list and won the Lambda Award for best Gay/Lesbian SF/Fantasy novel.

The Judges of the Secret Court
This was the second “Grierson” story published.  In recovery he meets a suicidal young ex-lover and has to come to terms with his responsibility. Algis Budrys took it for his wonderful TOMORROW magazine.


From The Files of the Time Rangers
(Golden Gryphon 2005)

Time Rangers is a Time Travel/Alternate Universe novel made up of nine stories and a lot of original material. The Time Lanes are controlled by mortals in the service of entities which we call by the names of ancient Greek deities. The span of time and the place in question is largely the 20th century in the Eastern United States.

The novel was on the 2006 Nebula Novel short list.

Here are a couple of the short stories that went into that mix:

The Quicksilver Kid
Jess is a young person from a world wracked by war and dictatorship who follows the god Mercury (Quicksilver)’s instructions and ends up in a 1965 New York not unlike our own.


Straight To My Lover’s Heart
STMLH was originally written by the narrator of a novella I wrote (a short story within a long story). In rewrite I decided to use another short story and STMLH with its title from a favorite Sam Cooke song was homeless. Two things happened,

In 2001 the Nebula Awards were held in New York and at some gathering, Dave Truesdale asked if I had anything for Black Gate which was just getting started. I gave them this. I was paid. It was published in their second issue and published online at Infinity Plus a few years later.

About the same time I started writing Time Ranger stories and with its combination of Gods and the contemporary world this STMLH was a natural fit.


Dust Devil On a Quiet Street

The narrator sells stories, reads his fiction at various venues, goes through a string of lovers mostly male, loses a beloved brother, encounters Death in fabled, haunted St. Vincent’s Hospital and finds his past closing in. Dust Devil On a Quiet Street will be published by Lethe Press in the Spring of 2013.

Mermaniac Blog Post on Dust Devil Stories:


Short Stories

Mr Brain and the Island of Lost Socks (written with Mark Rich)
Mr Brain (whose magnificent thinking aparatus is clearly visible through his plastic dome) solves several mysteries with the help of Mrs. Brain and his furniture.

The Wand’s Boy
In the Maxee, the demi-monde that lies between this Mortal World and the realm of The King beneath the Hill, a young half Fey/half Mortal runs a coffee house and conducts a a dangerous love affair.



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